Offline Advertising For Taxi Businesses

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One of the things you should know before starting a Taxi business is to let people know about you. With many other taxi companies plus ride-sharing companies, you should have a few tricks up your sleeve to thrive. One way to do that is to advertise.

In a world filled with technology, it is not surprising that many go for the online route when it comes to advertising. Many people are mostly online throughout the day and most people own a smartphone.

However, online advertising is not the only way to help your business grow. Offline advertising still works. Use the tips you’ll find here to improve your offline advertising or to jumpstart it.

Tip # 1: Create leaflets, booklets or flyers and distribute them.

You may think that creating flyers is a thing of the past in the digital world but there are still many who use them and succeed. The key here is to create attention-grabbing and interesting flyers that will make your potential clients curious to rea what you have to offer.

The design and print-out is just the first step. Now that they’re printed materials are available, you have to distribute them so that they can reach your potential clients. Here are a few ways on how to do that:

  • Work With Other Local Businesses – Whether it’s a restaurant, a bar, a bed and breakfast, a hotel or any other business you can ask them to allow you to place some marketing materials in their business. This will let you be more visible to their customers who need you the most. Customers you get out of this may include people who are too drunk to drive, those who just want to go home after dining out, tourists or even those who went to the city for business purposes. 
  • Print On A Useful Object And Give It For Free – Are you working with your local bar, then you can print out your ad on beer mats that they can use. This benefits you because the beer mats may land on the person that needs your service. This can also benefit the bar because they won’t have to buy beer mats to use. 
  • Add Discount Codes – Most people will be tempted to get your services when you offer a discount. Make sure you leave all pertinent information on the flyer such as your business’ contact information and how to claim the discount.

Tip # 2: Advertise through local newspapers.

Use the local print media for your advertisements. Get in touch with local newspapers and magazines because they cater to your target area. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people who read printed media. That’s a market you can certainly tap into.

Tip #3: Run radio ads campaigns.

Radio stations are another form of media you can top into. Best of all, it helps you localize your target. Most of those who listen to a certain radio station are likely within your area of service. Make your ads unforgettable and catchy with creative jingles and slogans. Some people just might remember to use your business because they got your ad song stuck in their head.

Tip #4: Create QR code or discount stickers.

Aside from giving discount codes on your flyers, you may also print them on stickers. If you have an app that works with your business, QR codes will work great on them. You can place the stickers on your taxis or on other vehicles. Just make sure you ask for permission if you place them on a vehicle that you don’t own.

Tip #5: Grab attention with your taxis.

As your taxis are going around the city or area you service, you can grab the attention of the people that see your taxi by using your creativity. It can be through the design of your taxi, the printed ads on it. Just make sure you aren’t breaking any rules while being creative.

A memorable design won’t get people to immediately ride in your taxi but it is a way to create a name for your business. If they know you for that, they’ll be more curious about getting your service and seeing just what you have to offer.

Tip #6: Grafitti Ads

Keep your ads with the street theme by using graffiti ads. These are stencils of your creative ads that you can place on the road, walls or floor. Just make sure that you don’t break any rule when adding your graffiti ad. Take note that your name is there and you wouldn’t want to create a negative name for your business.

Final Words:

In the taxi business, you have to be creative and prepared to help your business survive, thrive and flourish. Marketing is an important part of the business and in this digital world, your options aren’t only limited to online marketing. You can still certainly apply offline advertising. The tips found above can all help you get started with your offline marketing. 

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