Current Trends In The Taxi Industry

taxi through an app

The taxi industry has seen a lot of changes throughout the years, and it’s constantly changing. In just the last 5 years time we’ve seen ride sharing industry grow from a niche market to take over the entire industry.

Nowadays, it’s much easier to click a button on your phone rather than physically hail a cab, and out of necessity, taxi drivers like us have had to keep up with the times out of necessity.

Here’s some trends I foresee happening in the future as technology and customer expectations continue to grow.

Taxi Industry Trends

We’ve seen various trends in the taxi industry but let’s focus more on what trends are here today. Knowing these can help you with your own taxi business. These can also help you update on what’s happening and what’s available in the taxi industry.

1. Millennial Power

Millennials are often the ones in need of taxis. Some don’t have cars yet while others just prefer to take the cab. Even with that need for a taxi service, they are more reachable today due to their connection to the internet.

Many have their smartphones and they spend a lot of time on it. They have various apps that help them in everyday situations. It’s a great idea for a taxi business who’s looking to tap in their market to make themselves reachable through such apps.

Booking through their smartphone is convenient. It makes it possible to have a taxi cab waiting for you as you step out of your home or office. Taxi companies can get an app specifically made for them or they can also tie-up with taxi booking apps.

2. Air Taxi

If traveling on land with a taxi isn’t fast enough for you, then get ready to ride a plane. Air taxi is an upcoming trend that isn’t widely available yet but many are working on making it a reality anytime soon.

With air taxi, the reach expands. The need to get to destinations faster than before is made possible. In addition to transporting people, some are also looking to transport goods through the air with unmanned flying vehicles.

3. Water Taxi

Similar to air, traveling through water on a taxi is also another trending theme. Water taxis can have lots of customers. From private scenic tours, riverfront crossings, or even traveling to snorkeling sites.

There’s still work that needs to be done to make it all happen. Although there are water vehicles available, there’s still a need to build infrastructure. Nevertheless, it’s a promising trend to watch out for.

4. Self Driven Cars

Driverless taxis are headed our way. Huge companies like Google are working on it. There have been tests in Phoenix, Arizona and more test are being conducted. The plan is to release such driverless taxis within the year.

Similarly, General Motors, Toyota, and Ford are all looking into the same technology. Tests need to be made to try to perfect the whole process and to realize any problems that may arise. In the event that it’s made available for the masses, we may be looking into self-driving taxis soon.


Technology has played a great role in all of our lives and even in the taxi industry. We are currently experiencing some of the trends such as the use of apps but there are even more to look forward to.

As a taxi business, it’s important to know these trends so that you can cope up. The taxi industry can feel tough and rough sometimes but by keeping up with the trends, it’s possible to keep your business afloat. 

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