Robbery Prevention Tips For Taxis

prevent taxi robbery

From a safety perspective, protecting myself and my passengers against the spread of the virus aren’t the only things I worry about on a day-to-day basis. on today.

While I feel that driving taxi driving is still a relatively safe profession, there is always an inherent risk of assault.

Whether you drive a taxi or you own a company and have drivers employed, it is best to do these preventive tips to make it safer while they take their shifts. 

Keep Your Taxi Visible

Night-time can bring out a more sinister element, and keeping your taxi visible at night is the best way to ward off potential intruders.

You can drive a well-lit taxi so that people outside can see what’s happening inside the taxi.

Similarly, you shouldn’t have the windows darkly tinted so that even if they are rolled up, the inside is still visible. Also, make sure you don’t cover your windows up with signs or posters, which – by the way – has the added benefit of keeping your taxi interior cleaner looking, visible, and thereby more attractive to potential passengers.

Minimize The Use Of Cash

We live in a world where there are many options on how to pay for goods and services. Surely, there are still a lot who use and prefer cash but you shouldn’t limit your taxi services to cash payment methods. 

There are now people who prefer cashless transactions. They prefer to use their credit cards so that they also don’t need to bring a lot of cash. Aside from credit cards, there are now apps that can be used so that you can just charge and get paid through the app. 

To make sure that the public knows you only have a limited amount of cash in the taxi you may also post some stickers or decals on the vehicle informing them about it. This can make robbers think twice about their plans because they know you won’t be able to give them a lot.

Use Technology

Take advantage of the available technology we have today to make your taxi a whole lot safer. You can install security cameras to prevent robberies and other criminal intent. The recordings could also serve as evidence when such crimes are committed. 

Installing communication systems for the drivers and the dispatchers is also a good investment. It doesn’t only help with efficiency but it also helps make sure your drivers are safe. Additionally GPS trackers are also useful as it helps track where your taxis are. If one of your taxi drivers is not responding, you can simply track them and have someone check on them or call the police. 

Moreover, you can also install glass partitions. These may not be the latest breakthrough in technology but they still work. They are barriers that can prevent criminals from easily assaulting the taxi driver. This can also lessen the physical contact between the driver and passenger.

Learn To Deal With Customers

Taxi drivers meet different kinds of passengers throughout their trips. Some are nice and chatty while others can be extremely quiet. There are also those who are simply aggressive and may provoke a fight or argument. When faced with such passengers, the best way to deal with them is not to engage. Simply calm down and don’t let the passenger trigger you to get mad. 

In case there are fare evaders, just let them be and don’t waste your time chasing after them. If you are already facing a robbery, simply give them the money and don’t resist because your life is more precious than the cash. 

If you have communication with your dispatcher, always let them know if you feel unsafe with a passenger or if you feel unsafe in the area that they want to go.

A passenger who changes destinations once you’re on the way or someone who can’t provide a destination could also raise a red flag. Be careful with such passengers and always be alert. 

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