Essential Things To Inspect Before Taking Your Shift

taxi driver safety

A taxi driver is exposed to many dangers as they are driving their passengers and making them happy. They deal with strangers all the time and are also exposed to harsh environments.

That’s the reason why taxi drivers should also know how to protect themselves and improve their safety. One of the best things to do it to inspect their taxi before driving it for their shift or for personal use. There are several things to check and they are as follows:


Malfunctioning brakes are very dangerous and can even cost your life as well as other people’s lives. Make sure you check your brakes and check that it is working. Also, make sure that the taxi undergoes regular maintenance checks for the brakes so mechanics can repair, adjust or service them for you.


Car batteries typically last for years before it needs to be replaced. Make sure you check on the battery and its connection. Check the battery terminals too and make sure that they are not full of rust or are deteriorating.


The taxi’s lights aren’t just useful at night to improve visibility. They also act as signals to other drivers on the road. Check your headlights, brake lights, turn signals, tail lights, and reverse lights. See if there are any cracks, breakage or busted light bulbs. Have them fixed and cleaned before you leave for your shift.


Water is essential in keeping your car cool and preventing it from overheating. Check the water level in your radiator and refill if needed. You may also bring a jug of water in your trunk for emergency cases.


The engine oil levels and color should be checked. Engine oil is important in preventing your engine from getting damaged. Make sure you check for leaks too.


Your fuel level is also very important. Make sure that you have enough for your trip or don’t forget to refuel just before you go for your shift. You won’t want to be stranded in the middle of traffic with a passenger because you forgot to check your fuel level.


Your tires should also be checked before leaving for your shift. Make sure that there are no tears or bulges. Also, check if the tire grooves are still deep enough. If the grooves are already thin, you need to replace them already.

Additionally, you also need to check the air pressure on the tires. Proper pressure makes the car run smoother and is easier to control. Different cars may have different tire pressure requirements depending on the type of vehicle and tires you have.


Lastly, you also need to check on yourself and make sure that you are fully capable of driving. If you are not physically or emotionally capable, you should just skip the day. Don’t risk your health and other people’s health as well

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