A Taxi Driver’s Guide To Driving Safely At Night

taxi at night

There is always something fun to do in Memphis no matter what time of day or night it is. And when they’re done having fun for the night, they end up hailing a taxi cab to get them home or to bring them to their hotels. Some even give a pretty nice tip.

One of the perks of being a taxi driver is having the chance to earn no matter what time of day. What’s your favorite time to drive your taxi? Do you love the morning rush when people are going to work or the evening rush, when everyone is focused on getting home?

I’ll admit it, I’ve had days when I drove from morning ‘till late at night. Doing that once in a while would be okay but if you do it regularly, then you can face fatigue and be more at risk for car accidents. 

Additionally, it is more challenging to drive at night. There are a lot more dangers to watch out for. As taxi drivers, we have to be aware of such dangers in driving at night. In that way, we can better ensure our safety and the safety of other people who use the road as well. 

Here are a few of my tips for my fellow taxi drivers when it comes to driving at night. 

Don’t Overwork Yourself

I’m guilty of doing this but I’ve stopped and set my limits. It is better to safeguard my life than to push myself to my limits. Driving in the wee hours of the night while you’re already tired is a disastrous combination. 

Starting from midnight until about 4:00 am is the time when it’s darkest. The limited amount of light already makes it dangerous to drive. Add a taxi driver’s fatigue to that and they can easily fall asleep on the wheel. Luckily, that didn’t happen to me but I won’t push my luck any further and so should you. 

Stop driving when you feel tired. Feeling sleepy and tired on the wheel is as dangerous as drunk driving. Schedule your shift and make sure to take plenty of rest before and after your taxi driving shift. 

Check Your Taxi

As compared to a private vehicle, taxis can deteriorate faster because they are used more often for longer periods of time. That is why it is important to make sure that the taxi is properly maintained. You should also make sure that it is in good condition before you drive it. 

Watch Out For Various Road Conditions

It can be more difficult to see things at night but you still have to keep a watchful eye on the road. Be on the lookout for various road conditions like potholes, bumps, and other dangers. The more you observe, the more you’d be able to prepare for those obstacles or unwanted road conditions. 

Clean Your Windshield

Your windshield should always be clean at any time of day. You should clean it, particularly at night because even tiny dirty areas can produce a glaring effect. When light shines on your windshield, the dirt and other particles could reflect it and hurt the eyes. The glaring can also make it even more difficult for you to see the road and the incoming traffic. 

Be Prepared For Night Time Driving

Preparing yourself and your vehicle is a great way to avoid accidents at night. You can prepare yourself by resting your body prior to driving at night. Make sure you have the energy to drive and avoid doing so if you had a long day. 

You should also prepare different tools and equipment that could help you if ever you get into trouble while driving at night. Make sure you have a spare tire. Also, don’t forget to check if it is still in good condition. Getting a flat is possible at night especially if you can’t clearly see the objects that could puncture your tire. 

Additionally, you should also prepare to call for help in case you need one. A radio that connects you to your dispatcher ensures that you’ll get the help you need when you need to. 

Apart from dispatchers, you should also keep the contact number of roadside assistance or towing companies. They can help you in case you really can’t get out of the situation. 

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